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Decorative Logs is dedicated to providing the highest quality kiln dried logs for purposes of display in fireplaces and alcoves. Our logs are sourced locally and sold to private homes and commercial clients across all of the UK and occasionally overseas too!

Our logs are specially selected, kiln dried and fine cut to give a clean and detailed display profile. We offer a range of styles incorporating both bark and peeled options. Additionally, we love to create a range of both special and complimentary products made from much larger logs too - So please, do take a look around. If there happens to be anything in particular which you just can't find, then please do not hesitate to get in touch - We're sure we can help!

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Accent Log Pedestals | Natural Pine Pedestal | Natural Oak Pedestal

Colour Finished Decorative Logs | Colour Waxed Decorative Logs |  Eggshell Tipped Decorative Logs

Log Mantels | Waney Edge Oak Mantels | Milled Oak Mantels

Decorative Logs | Decorative Round Logs | Decorative Split Logs | Decorative Logs (No Bark)

Oak & Rope Door Stops

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From time to time we receive photographs from our clients. Here are a selection for you to take a look at!

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