Decorative Logs For Fireplace

Besides supplying decorative logs for commercial displays - by far our largest client base is private homes.

Filling an old fireplace with some decorative logs is an attractive solution and many of you do request log sizes outside of those we offer on our website. It does need to be pointed out here that we can cater for anything - so please do ask if we don't offer it.

Commonly though, we do find that clients measure logs to fit perfectly front to back in their fireplaces and alcoves. So for example if you have 35cm of space front to back we do tend to receive requests for these. However, we do advise that a 20cm length log will be more than sufficient if they are simply brought forward in the space. Leave a void behind - it won't be seen!

Of course, if you do want the 35cm length - then who are we to argue. Just let us know and we'll get them done.